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Before he left Britain for Raqqa, he lived in a council flat with his mother, sister and three brothers, one of whom told this newspaper that Canter was an accountant. You say you gonna have a weekend sleepover, where you basically start from Friday evening…then you get on a flight to Calgary.

This newspaper has obtained all the video footage and exchanges between Canter and the undercover reporter, revealing how he instructed her to marry him in a ceremony over the internet, and boasted of having smuggled 20 other jihadis into Syria. Canter instructed the teenager what flights to catch from her home in Edmonton, the capital of Alberta province. When you get to the flight on Calgary, you fly to Germany, to Frankfurt, then you go to Istanbul.

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But the veil-wearing girl he spoke to from the IS stronghold of Raqqa in Syria was actually an undercover reporter for a Canadian TV network, which then aired an exposé of Antar, without establishing his real identity.

Born in Somalia, Canter came to Britain when he was six months old and grew up in a West London suburb.

The reporter for Canada’s Global News network – who does not want to be identified – set up a fake Twitter account posing as a 15-year-old to see how much attention she would receive from jihadis in Syria. The flight you look for is the shortest flying time.

He told the would-be bride to bring only Western clothes to avoid suspicion.


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