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The updates are not happening until I come back to the original record a second time.. Now is there a way to force the two bound fields to be updated.

So that the main form recalculates Balance, and when Balance is 0, the table is updated to reflect Paid in Full and Rebill Code = P?

the sub form needs to have a field that holds the zoho ID number of the parent.

Then upon edit success you fetch the sub-form records where the sub-form field that holds the parent ID matches the parent ID.

Currently I am unable to craft an inner join for a report that will require said parent and child form (view) information.

Hi, The relation between the Subform and its parent form is implicit and does not need to be defined on a particular field.

This hierarchical relationship governs logical relationships. It is also represented visually in the Form Design Aid (FDA) Application Tree View as a hierarchy to help you understand the relationships.

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I am unable to find a code snippet or a clear example on how to do this.

I'm a little confused as to why when a subform is added it does not prompt you for a parent or a one-to-many-relational key to the parent form.- The same functionality or custom SQL query should also be available in the pivot report.


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