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The racing driver was put into a medically-induced coma in 2013 after a ski incident in the French Alps.

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Murray was a notably shrewd reader of the play and the way he anticipated the intentions of team-mates and opponents alike seemed almost uncanny at times.Reaching his zenith in the second half of Wolves' golden era under the stern martinet Stan Cullis, Murray contributed bountifully as the Black Countrymen lifted the League crown in 1957--59, then missed out by a single point on achieving a rare championship hat-trick in 1959-60, when they were pipped by Burnley on the competition's final day.Murray was the leading marksman as Wolves racked up a century of goals in each of those three top-flight campaigns, and he was vastly influential, too, as Cullis's dynamic, hard-driving side beat Blackburn Rovers 3-0 in the 1960 FA Cup final on a sunlit Wembley afternoon, thus claiming rich consolation for their title-race frustration.Some footballers sail through entire careers on a tide of exaggerated praise, their names dripping with stardust carelessly dispensed.Others, somehow not cast naturally in the heroic mould, suffer by comparison, their reputations shining less lustrously even though their worth is immense.Rather surprisingly in a team renowned for its steely athleticism and predilection for long-ball tactics, the spearhead of the attack was no archetypal hulking bustler.


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