Updating mcafee 8

We have removed mcafee from 2 servers as a troubleshooting step, those machines no longer receive the below alert.

That puts you in total control of the drivers that run your hardware.

the PC Names which are not updating - Has anyone else tried something similiar ?

With thousands of new viruses created every day, relying on traditional security updates isn't enough anymore.

Shop, bank, and socialise with confidence knowing the whole family is safe from online threats. I had the Mc Afee live safe version before, which came with a deal when I bought my lap top last year. Total protection offered the same thing and was half the price so I opted for this via Amazon. Just make sure you uninstall any previous antivirus software you have before, in order for your new protection to download and work properly.

All of which means, Mc Afee Total Protection won’t slow you down.

The Home Screen gives you all the information you need at a glance.

I've noticed however that some clients do not up date for some reason and on the odd occasion the 'On Access Scanner' will disable it's self.

My question is, I don't really have the budget to setup the EPO, therefore does anyone have any ideas on how I can be confident that 500 Client PCs across the network have the latest DATs and that the 'On Access Scanner' is enabled.


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