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This new update brings us a new Apple ID profile in Settings, and Air Pods owners can find their Aid Pods by making a sound on one or both Air Pods with Find My i Phone, etc.

However, new update always means new problems or bugs.

You know, to fix i OS problems and bugs and improve performance, Apple always continually release some i OS versions after the official final i OS version.

Just like now, Apple released the latest i OS 10.3.2 to public.

helps you rediscover your best photos, shop faster and more conveniently online, and work more seamlessly between devices. Now your Mac does even more for you, so you can do more with your Mac. No matter what you’re working on, your intelligent personal assistant is always a click away. Pin sports schedules, Twitter results, a list of files related to your big project, and more, right in Notification Center.

The handy features of Siri on i OS are now on your Mac, along with brand-new ways to help you with the things you do every day on your desktop. So you can be working on one thing, like finishing up a document, and ask Siri to send a message to your coworker saying it’s on the way — without stopping what you’re doing. Everything stays up to date — so you always know where to find game times, trending topics, or important documents. Then drag results right to a window on your desktop.

It only takes a moment to reset Safari and the result is usually a fully functioning web browser again, back to speed with everything working as expected.

Assuming you kept every box check, relaunching Safari gives you a clean slate, and aside from saved bookmarks everything is back to how it was the very first time you opened the app.

This means no stored caches, no stored history of browsing, none of the Top Sites (you can disable the Top Site thumbnails completely if interested), no cluttered Downloads list, and a fresh start to approving the variety of location services and notifications that appear throughout the general web usage experience.

Designs, animation, and application user interfaces are deployed immediately across all browsers and platforms, attracting and engaging users with a rich Web experience.

Today’s Tip: How To Unfreeze a Frozen Ipad Safari Browser Do you have the Ipad?? What you need to do now is hold down that power button for a few seconds.? Now, try clicking that Safari browser and see if it opens and works and all is well.?


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