Who beat k michelle dating

Michelle had an abortion after learning her boyfriend Bobby Maze had more children than she originally thought.

She didn’t want Maze to abandon their child like he had done to his other baby mamas.

Michelle has talked in detail about how Memphitz spent her record deal money on chains and jewelry but that she had no music to speak of from working with him. Michelle is forced to admit that several singles were produced and paid for by Jive Records and Hitz Committee, including paying artists like Missy Elliott and Rick Ross for being featured on her songs as well. Michelle announced the end of her feud with Memphitz after she claimed to face her fears and finally confront her ex after five years apart. Or was it just a really nasty fight that gets exaggerated greatly each time the story is retold?

The day after the premiere she confirmed in an interview that she was talking about former Jive Executive Memphitz, who is now married to Toya, Lil Wayne’s ex wife. After Memphitz, who was celebrating his 1-year anniversary with his wife, heard about all that was said, he posted the “I Made You” comment on instagram.

Straight From The A claims the video was sent anonymously because someone out there in the music industry is obviously still upset by K Michelle’s claims that Memphitz beat her and spent her money, delaying her music career.

During multiple confessionals on her various reality TV projects, K.

He explains that she didn’t know how to act around record executives and she embarrassed him multiple times in front of people whom he built professional relationships with. Michelle claims the abuse started when started cursing in a business setting while he was listening to another female artist they wanted him to take interest in.

She was taken back to the hotel so he could finish the meeting in a professional manner.


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